Our Mission Our Commitment

BlondeRebel.com is committed to be rebels with a cause.  We continue to do all that we can to protect our environment and animals. Please join us and support, if you love our planet, our home & community!

Our Commitment to the Environment

BlondeRebel.com is committed to and donates a % of our monthly profits, every month to SeaShepherd.org, since May 2017. Our goal is to contribute $1000 USD every month to the causes of oceans and ocean wild life conservation and protection. 


Jason Momoa speaking at the UN in September, 2019 about climate change and it's affects on Pacific Islands as well as conservation.




Our Contribution to End Slavery

BlondeRebel.com participated and contributed to the efforts to end slavery. We are committed to the efforts to end child labour by donating time and resources to End Slavery Day 2018 in Ottawa, Canada.





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